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Species: Thwacky

Species: Thwacky (Stats from Level 58)

Type: Fighting

Evolution Level: 35

Evolution Monster: Swoly

Stinger Count: 109 thousand

Epidermal Thickness: 111 mm

Toxicity: 69 ppm

Swim Speed: 68 cm/s

Rarity: Uncommon

Thwacky was introduced in Update 2 for jellyfishers and later added to jellymon. His behavior in fields is to punch the user with the message THWACK, and will immobilize you for 45 seconds. It’s important to note that he is also really stubborn in fields.


Thwacky has an origin in Spongebob. He comes from a short scene in the episode “Pink Purloiner” where he is shown hopping across the screen. It should be noted that other jellies come from this episode as well, such as Speckles, Ballad and Bantler.


Thwackys appearance is unique compared to other jellies. His overall color is orange with his spot colors being a lighter shade of orange. He also has two antennae and has 4 tentacles. But his most noticeable feature are his 2 arms with massive fists, which by the way is canonically how this jelly moves around.


These moves are listed in no particular order:

  • Sleeper Hold
  • Vice Grip
  • Rolling Backfist
  • Mega Punch
  • Shocking Punch
  • Frost Punch
  • Low Sweep
  • Karate Chop
  • Counter
  • Bonk
  • Submission
  • Skyward Throw
  • Rest
  • Thwack