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What is Tempo?

Tempo is one of the main gameplans in jellymon. Your gameplan is to always have more health than your opponent. By getting free hits, keep switching, etc.

Switching from taurus to dreki to get a free hit.

Tricky Dragons

What is tricky dragons? Tricky dragons is a strategy that can help tempo. Keep switching and use your dragons wisely. This is a versatile strategy if you use it correctly.

Sacrificing Health for Health

What does this mean? In tempo, you want to always have more health than your opponent's. You want to switch to your glass canon if your tank is almost dead. So it can trade. Example, You have a Taurus, and its at near 40 HP. You switch to nosferatu, it dies BUT you now can switch to dreki and you have a advantage because dreki can pair up with taurus. You use brzap, or shocking punch and they get paralyzed. You switch to taurus while their taurus is recovering, and now you're faster than their taurus, you can recover and keep switching.