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From Bikini Bottom Discord
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Species: Swoly

Type: Fighting

Evolution Level: N/A

Evolution Monster: N/A

Pre-Evolution Monster: Thwacky

Stinger Count:

Epidermal Thickness:


Swim Speed:

Rarity: Rare

Swoly is the final evo of Thwacky, and is a Fighting type jellymon in the bikini bottom discord server. It is one of the best jellymon, since not only can thwacky be obtained quickly when you start out, but it also evolves pretty early, at level 35. It also knows thwack, one of the most powerful moves in the game, and can be used in a lot of strategies in PvP.

Move list (Thwacky and Swoly) 0: Bonk, Counter 7: Karate Chop 10: Low Sweep 15: Frost Punch, Shocking Punch, Mega Punch 18: Rolling Backfist 24: Vice Grip 27: Sleeper Hold 30: Thwack 33: Rest 39: Skyward Throw 47: Submission

Pre Evo's: Thwacky, Fighting type, evolves at level 35