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Ranked PvP

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Ranked PvP Is one of the PvP Game modes in The Bikini Bottom Discord Server. Unlike Normal Battles, it does not give any xp, does not allow the use of items, and puts every jellymon at full health and level 100, for an even playing field. Note that these changes do not apply to PvE or normal battles. Ranked battles will affect your jellymon rank in the server, and your affiliation rank. Your rank will be affected by wins or losses, with wins affecting it positively, usually moving you up, and losses affecting you negatively, moving you down. Affiliation ranked is where you'd be placed in your faction, them being Neptune's Royalty, Droid Union, Or Sniper's Guild, all with their own respective views on the landscape of our time. This is where the aspect of clubs and their masters comes into play. Their are 5 respective clubs, one for each faction, a mod faction, and an exclusive faction. There are also club masters for each of these, them being the top of the faction in their affiliation rank. These members get extra rewards, increased xp, and valor, and defeating them in ranked or normal battles grant you increased xp. You will also have to fight them in the Gauntlet, the final challenge in your journey as a jellymon trainer. If you win, you will become a jellymon legend, and your name will be immortalized in this server as an expert of jellymon. Remember, Fight! Win! Surviveeeeee, and good luck out there in your quest as a jellymon trainer.