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PvE, Or Player vs Enemy (AI), Is one of the two main game modes in the Bikini Bottom Discord's Server Jellymon. It is the main foundation for everything, since you can only catch and mainly level up in PvE. The Basics are this, after acquiring a liscense, you will now be able to have randomly have jellymon spawn in your dm's with @Jellyfish#6925 just by being active and talking. Some less rare jellies that could be useful as you continue further in your quest are as stated, Pinky, Hauntly, Dagare (Extremely Important), Frostion, Thwacky (Extremely Important), Crook (Extremely Important), And you're already obtained jelly that you got from joining, I personally suggest Bulba, since it's final evo is very useful. As you continue, you will evolve some jellymon, and find rarer, better ones. A few that you're older jellymon could evolve into are Kikoo, Blamare (Extremely Important), Swoly (Extremely Important), and Kingpin (Extremely Important), and then there are rarer jellymons. Some you most likely won't find early, or, anytime, for that matter, but I digress, such as Lenny, Chill/Frost, Fledgon/Speckles, and Heifer/Steer. These Are all very important, since they either are very powerful or evolve into something very powerful. The max level for all jellymon is level 100. Jellymon Learn different moves at certain levels. Remember to fight, catch, win, and survive.