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Species: Pinky

Type: Shock

Evolution Level: 20

Evolution Monster: Fuzzydoo

Stinger Count: 15 thousand stingers

Epidermal Thickness: 18mm

Toxicity: 21ppm

Swim Speed: 25cm/s

Rarity: Common

Pinky (Pin·ky) is a Shock type Jellymon introduced in Update I. It is a pre-evolved version of Fuzzydoo. Pinky is the most basic Jellymon you will find and are great targets for beginners.


Pinky is a pink Jellyfish with red-like dots on one side.


Pinky was introduces in the first release of Jelly fishing. During Jelly fishing, Pinky has a change to sting any user who tried to swing at Pinky. The sting effect will last for 30 seconds. Whilst under the effects of the sting, the user cannot swing because their "hand is cramping".