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Species: Mash

Type: Sound

Evolution Level: N/A

Evolution Monster: N/A

Pre-Evolution Monster: Rave

Stinger Count: 111 thousand

Epidermal Thickness: 81 mm

Toxicity: 118 ppm

Swim Speed: 114 cm/s

Rarity: Uncommon

Mash is a jellymon and a jellymon only, with no appearance in jellyfish fields. Which is interesting as one of its pre evolutions, Toots, does appear in fields.

Mash is a light blue with two green spots on its face. It’s tentacles are a light green and Mash wears headphones.

Moves are listed in no particular order: Slam, Screech, Gust, Supersonic, Sing, Metro Boomin, Thunder Wave, Shocking Punch, Rave Dancin, Confusion, Sonic Burst