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Jellymon Page Template

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Species: TYPE HERE


Evolution Level: TYPE HERE

Evolation Monster: TYPE HERE

Stinger Count: TYPE HERE

Epidermal Thickness: TYPE HERE

Toxicity: TYPE HERE

Swim Speed: TYPE HERE



Us moderators are creating this page because we want every page in this wiki to be consistent with each other and to have relatively the same information as each other. You may deviate a bit from the template, but the page your creating should have the same basic structure as the template.

How to use this template

The screen you should see after your done uploading your image. You need to copy the highlighted text to put your image on your page.

To use this template, press the "edit" tab at the top of the page. Next, go to the edit text box and press "Ctrl + A" to select all the text. Then copy and paste the text to your own page. You can now edit the captions under the image to your Jellymon's stats by editing the "TYPE HERE" text with your own text.

To change the image, you need to upload your image to the wiki's server directly. You can upload your image by clicking the link called "Upload file" link at the left of the page. There, you can upload your image and add a description to your image. Once it's done uploading, you will be directed to a new page where you can see your image on the server. You will now need to copy the file name at the top of the page (it would say like "File:[ImageName].[Image format you used]"). Now that you have the file name copied to your clipboard, you need to replace the placeholder image on your own wiki page by replacing the file name on the first line in the text box.
The highlighted text is what you need to replace with your own image.

Once you're done, don't forget to delete the 'Introduction' and 'How to use this template' paragraphs! If your having trouble setting up your page, you can contact one of the Jellydex moderators and they can help you. If you need to look at an example, you can view the Pinky wiki page as an example.


Describe your Jellymon here. Things you can include is what current evolution it is, what the previous or future evolution are, or what type it is.


Describe your Jellymon's physical appearance. Include it's base color, spot color, any unusual anatomy, and the general shape of the Jellymon.


Describe what update your Jellymon was introduced. Also mention the description of your Jellymon (this can be taken from the Jellydex).