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Jellydex Editor

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The Jellydex Editor role among other roles

Jellydex Editors are people with the @Jellydex Editor role in the Bikini Bottom discord server. People with the @Jellydex Editor role can edit Jellydex entrys and are active with researching about Jellydex or Jellyfishing. Although not usually obtainable today, you could get the role by being selected from a vote or having contributed an significant amount of research into Jellymon or Jellyfishing.


The @Jellydex Editor role is a cosmetic role (meaning it does not change the color of the profile). The color of the role is #7c8d0d.

History of the Jellydex Editor role

The first mention of the @Jellydex Editor role was announced in a #announcements post on 11/30/2019. People could nominate others for a chance to get the role.

Ho ho ho Jellyfish fields! Looks like Santa Dove came to town and brought us jellies and a cool new wiki feature! Introducing the !jellydex in #jellyfish-fields and #chum-bucket!!! The !jellydex shows every active jellyfish ever spotted in #jellyfish-fields, along with some never before seen ones. The cool thing about the jellydex is that it is community driven and run, so you all decide what to write for them and investigate :slight_smile:

In order to edit the jellydex with !editjellydex, you will have to have the @Jellydex Editor role. For right now, we will only allow two users to acquire the role, and will pick these users via nomination and private vote! So, if you're interested in becoming our Jellydex Editor, or interested in nominating someone to do so, DM @🎺 Neptune's Helper with "I, [@ yourself], nominate [@ nominee/yourself] for Jellydex Editor" After some time we will pick our editors and they will have free reign on the edits.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Bikini Bottom!!! (dovedevic 11/30/2019)

The winners were revealed on 12/02/2019 with a four way tie between Gray#5755, High Lord Squilliam#9218, Crispy#5340, and CyclicTundra325#0420.

Wowwie! We had 13 nominations and dozens of re-nominations and votes! After tallying them, we came out with a four-way-tie between @Gray, @Doktor Majima, @Crispy, and @ducc enthusiast. So to settle this, were holding a last minute vote (which ends tonight at midnight EST) for who you want. Please cast your vote via @🎺 Neptune's Helper like so: I [@yourself] vote for [@nominee] and [@nominee2] for the jellydex editor roles!" You can vote for one individual once, or for two individuals once, but not one individual twice.

You have until midnight (6 hours). Good luck! (dovedevic 12/02/2019)

One vote later made High Lord Squilliam#9218 and CyclicTundra325#0420 the winners.

Holy guacamole! In 6 hours there were 37 votes cast! That's a lot of votes! And, a close one too! With each user being mere one or two votes apart. However there were no ties and there were two distinct winners... and they areeeeeeeeeeee @Doktor Majima and @Gray!!! Congratulations you two! You now are our server's official Jellydex Editors (for now). Thank you everyone who nominated, voted, and volunteered for this fun community position. (dovedevic 12/02/2019)

Along with the Christmas update of 2019, five new Jellydex Editors were added, including Kiwi#6666, Crispy#5340, Gray#5755, Shrooberry#0001, and AdventurousSwine#9894.

You thought Christmas-Themed jellies were all I got? Hah, bottomfeeders... With the help of @bop @Crispy @Gray @Soy and @King of the Bullies Motherfucker we have yet another Christmas Jellyfish update WITH new additions to the jellydex! Go getem!!! Merry Christmas! (dovedevic 12/22/2019)

On 07/30/2020, four new Jellydex Editors were added along the five new moderators. The new Jellydex Editors were Axo#2750, dominick#7041, CyclicTundra325#0420, and YoshiBoi#6687.

Betcha thought we were done with pings! But I'm back again with another epic announcement! We've got some new @Jellydex Editors, chosen by our current Editors and our new moderators!

Congrats to our new Jellydex editors:

@Ich bin manchmal ein Chao

@je suis stressé

@ducc enthusiast

@YoshiBoi (nwunder 07/30/2020)

On 11/18/2020, both Cheesy#6006 and No ob#0489 were added to the Jellydex Editor team based on a vote from the Jellydex Editor team.

Can I get a warm :hoopla: for our newest Jellydex Editor, @« Major Hiatus » Cheesy!!!!!!! (dovedevic 11/18/2020)

Oh and whats this? Another one? It's @The Lurker!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!! (dovedevic 11/18/2020)

Members with the Jellydex Editor role

All members listed have or previously had the @Jellydex Editor role.

Some members might have changed their name, so the list might be incorrect.

Currently have

  • dovedevic#0522
  • Shrooberry#0001
  • nwunder#4003
  • Kiwi#6666
  • No Jons#1299
  • Saturn#0050
  • eeveeman#0133
  • Moistley#5939
  • AdventurousSwine#9894
  • CyclicTundra325#0420
  • Axo#2750
  • mzone#1771
  • egg#2222
  • Crispy#5340
  • High Lord Squilliam#9218
  • No ob#0489
  • Cheesy#6006
  • Modest Mouse#1984
  • dominick#7041
  • Bold#9715

Previously had

  • Gray#5755
  • YoshiBoi#6687
  • Great Pope of the Holy One#9060