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From Bikini Bottom Discord
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Species: Hollar


Evolution Level: N/A

Evolution Monster: N/A [

Pre-Evolution: Crestie

Stinger Count:

Epidermal Thickness:


Swim Speed:


Hollar is one of the jellymon in the Bikini Bottom discord server. It is the evo of crestie and bantler, and it is very good since it has a wide range of moves with different types, so it can easily tell what is effective or not on a jelly. It is also easily obtainable in about the middle of your jellymon journey, level 20-39.

Move list (Bantler to hollar): 0: Growl, Tackle 5: Quick Attack 8: Screech 14: Horn Attack 15: Shock Punch, Shield Wield 27: Water Hammer 30: Poison Sting 33: Thwack 38: Screech 44: Submission

Evo List: Bantler, Level 30 Crestie, Level 45 Hollar, Final Evo