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From Bikini Bottom Discord
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Heifer in all their glory! originally Ol' Bessy.
Species: Heifer
Evo LVL: 35
Type: Mutant
Zap Immobilize Duration (jelyfishing) : 90 seconds
Evolutions: Steer and Taurus

Heifer is a Mutant type jellymon. It sadly has very poor stats, but it can still deal decent damage, when it's at level 50, it's ready to evolve, and the final evolution is the great part. It becomes Taurus, you can see the Taurus page for more info. But before it evolves to the final form, it still has the second evo which is Steer, available at level 35. Steer however is a Mutant/Dragon type, see for the Steer page for more info (not made yet)


Heifer is taken from Ol' Bessy from the jellydex in the bikini bottom discord. It has the ID "cowjelly~1", it has the ability to zap you by kicking you "K-CRACK". When it spawns, it sends a message "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO", it's worth 7 points and is a rare tier, Introduced in update 5.


She has the same shape as a normal jellyfish, but she has a big shell on top of her body with a cow-like pattern on it. She has an udder under her shell and pink legs which represent the stingers of a normal jellyfish.


Milking Ol' Bessy is one of the activities Old Man Jenkins tasks SpongeBob and Patrick to do when they are inside his barn. However, when SpongeBob tries to milk her, her milk does not get squirted into the bucket SpongeBob is using to get the milk, but instead, it squirts it elsewhere. This makes SpongeBob mad and grab all of Ol' Bessy's udders at once and squirt it, but this ends up angering Bessy herself and start kicking everything. She squirt a massive pile of jelly, which causes Old Man Jenkins, SpongeBob, and Patrick to hit the door of the cabin.