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Glace is a Frost/Dragon type Jellymon in the Bikini Bottom Discord Server. It is one of the three main Dragons, and is a ice blue reskin of Dreki, another Dragon type jellymon. It evolves from Frost, which evolves from chill.

Move list (Chill to Glace): 0: Tackle, Defense curl, Aurora Beam, Tackle, Sting, Acid 20: Haze, Voodoo, Barrier 25: Voodoo 30: Barrier 40: Ye ol Zap 50: Blizzard 55: Ye ol Brzap

Evo List: chill, evolves into Frost at level 35 Frost, evolves into Glace at level 50

All evo's are reskins of already made jells, chill is a reskin pink jell, Froze is a Pink Speckled Jell reskin, and Glace is a dreki reskin. Glace is THE hard counter to a lenny. blizzard demolishes a lenny. Glace can also counter a Taurus pretty well, but it does nothing to a dreki.