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Species: Fuzzydoo

Type: Shock

Evolution Level: 35

Evolution Monster: Kikoo

Stinger Count: D

Epidermal Thickness: C-

Toxicity: C-

Swim Speed: C

Rarity: Common

Fuzzydoo is a Shock type jellymon and is the second evolution line of Pinky. It is mainly used for it's devastating high power base moves. It's stats are below an average jellymon, but having the move Brzap evens out the bad stats.


Fuzzydoo is very similar to Pinky. Having the exact same attributes as Pinky but with pink hair on its head.

Competitive Usage

Fuzzydoo is not bad for low level PvPs. It still counters Dragon jellymons pretty well. However it is very strict to use multiple different types of move because of its underwhelming speed and only being able to hit hard with special attacks.