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Frostion is a Frost/Mutant type jellymon and is a pre-evolution of a King Frostion.

Frostion evolves into King_Frostion at level 25. I'd recommend you catch a frostion at the start of the game too and level it up until it evolves, Frostion is a good jellymon to start with, but you might have to replace it later on because there's a lot of powerful jellymons at high-level like Lenny, Glace, Taurus, Dreki, etc.

0: metronome, drain, aurora beam, counter, haze (and yes this is from axo and hash's jellymon list)

I don't know alot about the moves but i will edit this page later on.

Frostion is a normal Jellion but with a red sweater.

This is an image of a frostion


!jd xmasjellion~1