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Species: Frost

Type: Frost, Dragon

Evolution Level: 50

Evolution Monster: Glace

Pre-Evolution: Chill

Stinger Count: B

Epidermal Thickness: C

Toxicity: A

Swim Speed: B

Rarity: Rare


Frost is a Dragon/Frost type introduced in the Xmas Update. Chill is the pre-evolved version of frost and glace is the future evolution of frost. Chill to Frost to Glace (lvl35-50). This is one of the best jellies, MUST PICK jellies of all-time.


Frost is a recolored version of Speckles and has a Santa hat on top of it.


Frost is originally taken from the jelly id xmasspeckledjelly~1. has the same behavior as speckledjelly~1.