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Factions picture when first introduced (dovedevic 11/03/2020)

First revealed in a #announcements post on 11/03/2020, factions are guilds that you can join when first joining Jellymon. Factions are only cosmetic and does not affect any rates in Jellymon. Joining a faction is permanent and cannot be changed unless you revoke your license. There are three factions to join: Neptune's Royalty, Droid's Union, and Sniper's Guild. You can type $quiz in #chum-bucket to see what faction fits right for you.

Description of each faction

Each faction has its own logo and traits that differentiate from each other.

  • Neptune's Royalty - Traits: Righteous, Caring, Pure
  • Droid's Union - Traits: "We the union", Dedicated, Committed
  • Sniper's Guild - Traits: Cut throat, Wild West, "All for me, none for thee"


Logo of the Droid's Union Faction

The story of the factions was revealed on 11/03/2020 on a #announcements post as a sneak peak to Jellymon.

"Do you feel it? The fields is shrouded... in tension... Close your eyes... What do you see? Who is the enemy?

Royal purists? Snipers? Commies?

When King Neptune discovered Jellyfish Fields, he sought to protect it. To preserve it. To enable Royalty to have fun. But through good heart, leaves a gap for some to have different intentions. Shrouded in darkness, Droid and his Union came to light. His following gaining and strengthening over the past two years. Droid followers hoarded their jellies to the leader, not allowing others to enjoy the Fields.

Through punishments and changes, King Neptune tried to ban Droid and his followers from the Fields, ensuring his domain be what he intended. But the problem was bigger than Neptune thought. The Droid followers were more rooted and devoted than he had originally thought. Union members rioted, protested, and eventually got Neptune to back down and reverse the decision.

But this was not the end of the division within the fields. There was another. Underground, covert, backstreet tacticians known privately as the Sniper's Guild roamed the fields, explicitly to subvert Droid and his followers and wreak havoc to the Royals. All the jellies - all for themselves, and no one else.

It was when Droid got his way that the leader felt it was his time to step up and claim leadership for his portion of the fields for his followers... who was it? King Mafia Boss. Yes! Indeed! King Mafia Boss, once hunted by the Union and Royalty, finally reveals himself as the mastermind behind the Guild. Sniping is the name, chaos is the game.

Seeing the Fields break off into three Factions, the Royalty, the Union, and the Guild, King Neptune is prepared to hold the following referendum: Which jellyfish group shall control the fields? A decision will begin to be made sometime next week. Stay tuned!" (dovedevic 11/03/2020)

The second part of the story was revealed on 11/10/2020 in a #announcement and is a continuation from the first part.

"King Neptune was right, the fields were divided. And while the three factions fought about who will take control of the fields, no one seemed to pay attention to the things that mattered most to them all... the jellyfish.

Watching the catchers bicker and fight over them, the Jellyfish had made their own opinions, and many disagreed. It almost seems as if the jellyfish wanted to be in certain factions... they too wanted to fight each other... and to grow stronger, and to help their catchers, and to... let them... catchem all..." (dovedevic 11/10/2020)

Propaganda Posters

As part of the early sneak peak for Jellymon, a selected group of people worked on propaganda posters for each faction. With a total of 7 posters (2 Sniper's Guild, 3 Droid's Union, and 2 Neptune's Royalty), posters were randomly revealed between 11/04/2020 through 11/10/2020.

Neptune Royalty Posters

Revealed on 11/07/2020
Creator: No ob#0489
Revealed on 11/08/2020
Creator: DesertCactus #9095

Droid's Union Posters

Revealed on 11/05/2020
Creator: Crispy #4200
Revealed on 11/09/2020
Creator: Crispy #4200
Revealed on 11/10/2020
Creator: dominick#7041

Sniper's Guild Posters

Revealed on 11/04/2020
Creator: No ob#0489
Revealed on 11/06/2020
Creator: No ob#0489


On top of the three factions, there are 5 different 'Clubs' you can join by achieving certain tasks in Jellymon.

  • One for each faction
  • One for mods
  • And one special restricted club

By being top rank in your faction (you can use !license or !l to see your rank), you will grain the title of Club Master! Being a Club Master comes with perks: increased XP, rewards, and of course valor. Defeating a Club Master in normal or ranked battle will also reward you with bonus XP. (Jellymon 03/29/2021)