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Species: Dreki (Stats listed by Ranking)

Type: Dragon

Evolution Level: N/A

Evolution Monster: N/A

Stinger Count: A

Epidermal Thickness: B-

Toxicity: C

Swim Speed: B+

Rarity: Very Rare

Dreki was introduced in Update 5 for jellyfishers and was put in jellymon later. His behavior in fields was to zap the user with the message YE OL’ ZAPPPPPPPPP, immobilizing you for 30 minutes! That is, however, if you don’t feed him a krabby patty, in which he will only zap you for 30 seconds, making it possible to catch.


Dreki has origin in Spongebob. In the season 4 episode “Dunces and Dragons”, Dreki is one of the main antagonists of the episode. Dreki was Planktons pet and went on a rampage, destroying many buildings in the city. But then he was feed a krabby patty and started to calm down.


Drekis appears as a huge jellyfish, with an overall pink color. He has pink spots, 6 tentacles and some hair on the top of his head (i think that’s hair anyway -_-).


  • Base moves: Leer, Gust, Tackle
  • Level 15: Mega Punch
  • Level 20: Poison Sting, Venom
  • Level 25: Sonic Burst
  • Level 30: Frost Beam, Frost Punch
  • Level 35: Ye Ol’ Zap
  • Level 40: Brzap, Shocking Punch
  • Level 45: Shield Wield
  • Level 55: Ye Ol’ Brzap