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What is Control?

  • The Control strategy is about having total control of your opponent and taking advantage of it. Moves like Venom and Sleeper hold are great at this as they give your opponent a status effect and you’re able to take advantage of it.

Attacks giving status effects

  • Moves like Venom and Sleeper Hold, yes, are status moves and will basically give your opponent an effect. However, other moves that do damage to the opponent like Thwack, Blizzard, Poison Sting, etc. can actually give them status effects too, though the chances are low.
Blizzard giving the opponent a status effect.

Here, Glace was able to freeze the opponent and take the advantage.

All known effects

Here are all the status effects listed:

  • Poison - Target will take damage overtime
  • Frozen - Target will not be able to attack, but still can use status
  • Paralyzed - Target will not be able to use physical moves
  • Sleeping - Target cannot move at all
  • Confused - Target might attack itself
  • Accuracy Decrease - Target will have an increased chance of missing
  • Flinching - Opponent will take more damage

THE Jelly to use

  • The best jelly to use for this strategy is Dremly, as it has many status moves.