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Species: Blamare (Stats listed from Level 55)

Type: Spooky, Sting

Evolution Level: N/A

Evolution Monster: N/A

Stinger Count: 152 thousand

Epidermal Thickness: 74 mm

Toxicity: 126 ppm

Swim Speed: 136 cm/s

Rarity: Uncommon

Blamare was introduced in the Halloween Update and it’s behavior was to fill the jellyfisher with HORRIFYING nightmares like the thought of licking doorknobs on other planets! It’s appearance is similar to Terrord, however, Blamare is a light blue compared to Terrords purple. Blamare is an original creation with no Spongebob origin.

Moves are listed in no particular order and levels are unknown: Horn Attack, Pressure Points, Stun, Sharpen, Leer, Scratch, Attack Ritual, Quick Attack, Nightmare, Slash, Poison Wrap