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Bank of Bikini Bottom

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The Bank of Bikini Bottom bot is a custom bot in the Bikini Bottom server made for managing, storing, and investing your shell coins (🐚). The Bank of Bikini Bottom bot allows you to store, give, take, and invest your shell coins (🐚). Using shell coins (🐚), you can buy items from the Barg'n-Mart bot.

Bank of Bikini Bottom's profile picture

List of commands

See also: Commands

All of the following commands are used for the Bank of Bikini Bottom bot. You must have access to all of the text channels before you can use these commands.

!bankhelp - Shows the help page for the Bank of Bikini Bottom #9854 bot

!bankstat - Shows the overall statistics for the Bank of Bikini Bottom #9854 bot

!openaccount/ !oa - Open a checking account with The Bank of Bikini Bottom™. Allows you to save your Shell Coins and do investments!

!closeaccount - Closes your checking account with The Bank of Bikini Bottom™ and pulverizes your Shell Coins. This will delete all your currency data!

!wallet / !w - View your balance, your investment amounts, and your account status!

!transfer [amount] [member] - Transfer a givin amount to another bank member. Incurs a 5% convenience fee

!lottery / !lotto - Show the current Bikini Bottom Lottery pool

!enterlottery / !enterlotto / !el - Pay 5 Shell Coins to enter the Bikini Lottery pool. Winners are drawn at midnight EST.


The Bank of Bikini Bottom bot has the ANCHOVIES (MEEP BEEP) role, which has the hex color of #00ffaf. The profile picture of the bot is a bunch of Bikini Bottom dollars.

Using the lottery

The Bank of Bikini Bottom™ Lottery Pool holds a daily lottery for anyone to join (as long they have a bank account and the sufficient amount of funds). Each person has to pay an entry of 5 shell coins (🐚) to enter the lottery. Each time someone joins, 4 shell coins (🐚) get added to the pool. A winner is randomly pulled every day at midnight EST. Using the commands !lottery or !lotto shows you the status of the lottery. You can enter the lottery by using the commands !enterlottery or !enterlotto (assuming you have enough funds to enter).

User using the '!lotto' command to view the staus of the lottery


The Bank of Bikini Bottom bot was created just on 03/02/2020. After seven months of development, the bot was publicly released on 10/09/2020 along with the Barg'n-Mart bot in a #announcement post.

Dolla dolla bills y'all!

Bikini Bottom has two new bots! P̶l̶e̶a̶s̶e̶ Plase welcome @Bank of Bikini Bottom and @Barg'n-Mart! (#employee-handbook will be updated soon to describe these bots better, but here is a gist here):

@Bank of Bikini Bottom: In addition to getting rank XP per message per minute in chats (like @🎺 Neptune's Helper or @MEE6), you will get our in-server currency, "Shell Coins" 🐚. Each message you send in chat gets you 0.1🐚 to 1.9🐚. You can view your earnings via !wallet or more simply !w. With this new currency, you can enter in our daily lottery, transfer currency to other users, or buy items! See what you can do with !bankhelp

Buy items? Wait what? Yeppppppppp

@Barg'n-Mart: You can now buy items that can alter our bots here in Bikini Bottom. Currently there is a select number of items to buy only for @🎺 Neptune's Helper, with more to be added as time goes on and our last bot (yes there is yet another bot to be added) comes online in the future. You can see items for sale using !mart, !shop, or !store. Use !marthelp to see everything else.

All these bots work in DM as well, so try to do most your interactions there. If you have questions, ideas, or issues, ping me in the #chum-bucket or the #suggestions. I'm eager to hear your feedback for them! (dovedevic 10/09/2020)