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What is Aggro?

Aggro is the last strategy we have to talk about, and in my opinion, the least useful. Aggro is when you are incredibly aggressive, only switching out your jelly when it dies. Pretty self explanatory.

When to use Aggro

Sometimes, you are forced into a situation where you have to use this strategy. For example, you only have one jelly alive and your only option is to brute force your way through the fight.

How to use it effectively

Obviously the best way to do this is to use your strongest move, but that might depend on the jelly you’re fighting. To know what move you can use, here is the Effectiveness chart made by Bold. Now, if you are using Aggro as a main strategy, make sure your jellies are faster than your opponents. If they aren’t, the Aggro strategy won’t be as effective. You can buy speed buffs at the Barg n’ Mart as jm54, which can give your jelly a small bit effective boost.