User Prefrences

If you click "Preferences" you will find plenty of options to change your wiki and other various options.

Appearance: to note at the bottom of the page there is a dark mode that just inverts all the colours

User Profile: just going to highlight key things in this sections.

  • Languages:
  • Pronouns
  • Signature

Editing: This section is mostly for if your going to edit in the wiki.

  • Edit pages by multiple clicks
  • Font
  • Extra editing tools
  • Previews after or before editing

Recent changes: click "Recent changes" and that is what the options change.

  • View of minor edits
  • days you see and amount of edits you see

Watchlist: I don't know

Beta features: Who knows.

Banners: I really don't know.

Notifications: Self-explanatory, change your notifications to know when a page gets edited or a new page is made.