Type: Dragon/Mutant

Species: Taurus (Stats listed by Ranking)

Evolution Level: N/A

Evolution Monster: N/A

Stinger Count: C+

Epidermal Thickness: B

Toxicity: A

Swim Speed: B

Rarity: Rare

Taurus is one of the Jellymon in the Bikini Bottom Discord Server. It is a Mutant/Dragon type, and evolves from heifer and steer. It is one of the strongest jellymon in the game. It is really hard to find though, since if you haven't had a heifer or steer for a while and you haven't had them on your team, then you'll probably have a hard time finding once since the drop chances for it's pre evo's are pretty rare. Good luck leveling it up to a taurus. it takes time to evolve it.

Move list (Heifer to Steer): 0: Growl, Lick 3: Stun 9: Headbutt 13: Counter 20: Attack Ritual 27: Sleeper Hold 33: Ye' Ol' Brzap 40: Recover 45: Mega Drain 55: Ye' Ol' Brzap

Evo List

Heifer, evolves at level 35

Steer, evolves at level 50

Taurus, does not evolve

Taurus is annoying to deal with at high levels, it has sleeper hold which is the most versatile move in the game. Taurus is the hard counter to a glace. but it gets destroyed by a lenny and a dreki. or even a kingpin.