Shifter is a unique Mutant type jellymon that has no evolutions, and only has 1 move called "Transform". it can transform into the enemy's jellymon with the same moves, and types. but it keeps shifter's stats, and each move is only filled 5 instead of full moves, Shifter is one of the most strong if not overpowered jellymons in the game. it also whiffs the opponent's attack when it transforms, crazy right? if your enemy has a good jellymon, this jellymon is going to be really powerful against your opponent.

I think it should be noted here to not use the Shifter as it is wildly broken due to an exploit with its ability. Do not engage.

How do i catch it? my moves keeps whiffing against it

well, the only way to catch it easier is either just risk for it at FULL HEALTH or wait until it struggles (struggle is a move that hurts itself).

Hash Hates It

he does lol. he thinks it needs a nerf. its op af.


taken from the jellydex "shifterjelly~1". see !jd shifterjelly~1 for more info.

Species: Shifter
Evo: None
Type: Mutant