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Species: Bruta
Type: Fighting
Pre-Evolution: Boxba
Evolution Level: 35
Weak Against: Nothing
Strong Against: Nothing (x1 to all types)
Rarity: Starter

Bruta is a very tanky jellymon. He also has a great amount of Toxicity, but has a lower amount of stinger count than Toxicity. It's Pre evolution is Boxba. Bruta can survive a couple of wild battles because how defensive it is.

Bruta has a grey-blackish skin, with 2 boxing gloves and 3 sea urchins stuck on it's head.

Bulba, Boxba, Bruta's Move (all i remember) 0: Pound, Defense Curl 6: Baby Flame 9: Counter 15: Body Slam 22: Barrier 25: Poison Sting 30: Haze 35: Recover